Questions about Gowns, Dresses, and Fashion
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How many guests can I take to my bridal appointment?

We allow the bride to have 4 guests with her for her appointment.

How long do I need to order a wedding gown?

The minimum delivery is 8 to 9 months. Deliveries vary from one manufacturer to another. You should allow ample time over and above the delivery period for alterations and fittings.

How long do I need to order a bridesmaid dress?

The minimum delivery is 12-16 weeks. Although some manufacturers offer rush express service, a premium would have to be added to the regular selling price.

What size ranges do you carry?

In our bridal gown department we carry from size 0 to size 32 in stock.

What is your price range on wedding gowns?

Our price range is from $500.00 to $4,500.00

What is your price range for bridesmaids?

Our price range is from $180.00 to $350.00

Do your bridesmaid's dresses come in different colors?

Yes, the majority of bridesmaid manufacturers offer up to 25 colors.

Do you custom make wedding gowns?


Do you provide alterations?

No, we will provide you with an independent seamstress.

Do I need an appointment?

Yes. We do require appointments for bridal consultations, so that we can provide a more personal service experience.

Am I allowed to take pictures of gowns while I try them on?


Can my mother or mother-in-law find a dress at The Model Shop too?

Yes. We have a large selection of in-stock or special order evening wear gowns to choose from. The prices begin at $150.00 and up. No appointment is required.

Do I have to pay for my gown in full at the time of purchase?

We require a 50% deposit to process a special order gown. The remaining balance is due within 30 days of us notifying you that your gown is in. After your gown is received, you have two weeks to come in to try on and inspect it for manufacturer’s defects. The purchase of a gown from stock MUST be paid in full. All gowns are final sale and must be taken home the same day..

There are so many dresses to choose from. Where do I begin and what should I bring to my first bridal appointment?

You can learn valuable lessons about how to find your personal style and get the dress you've always dreamed of by browsing through bridal magazines or on the Internet for silhouettes and styles that you like. Feel free to bring any pictures along with you to help guide your consultant. Once you come in for your bridal appointment, you can leave it up to the professionally trained bridal experts to help find the best gown for you.

When should I begin dress shopping?

It is best to start looking for gowns 12 months prior to your wedding date. The majority of our brides begin shopping one year ahead. That allows you enough time to narrow down your selection and order the gown of your dreams.

When should I order my headpiece and veil?

Headpieces and special order veils should be ordered at least 4 to 5 months before your wedding date. We do not recommend waiting for your fitting to order headpieces.

What information should a bride be prepared to share with a consultant when shopping for a gown?

Our consultants will wish to know the location of the wedding, its theme and vision, gown budget, and color and fabric preferences. Please bring photos of gowns you like from magazines, websites, etc...

Do I need an appointment?

No, prom no longer requires an appointment.

Can I purchase a dress directly from designers or from a website?

Designers or Prom Suppliers do not sell gowns directly to the public. The collections are available only through authorized retailers and retailers who provide high quality personalized service.

Do your dresses come in colors other than those pictured or in store?

Yes. Please ask your prom dress consultant for the available options.

How do I know what size dress to order?

Upon ordering, The Model Shop consultant will measure you and discuss your measurements to assist in selecting the size that is best for you.

What sizes are your dresses available in?

Sizes start at 00 and extend to the larger plus sizes, including size 32 in selected styles.

Do I need an appointment for a suit fitting?

No, once the bride and groom have decided on the tuxedos, groomsmen can come in at any time to be fitted.

Does the groom dress just like his groomsmen?

Usually, the groom is different, in some way from the other men in his party. He may wear a different tuxedo, or just a different vest than the ushers. Usually, the ushers' vests will match the bridesmaids' dresses. The groom's vest is usually a neutral colour, such as black, white, or silver, to complement the bride's dress.

Does the ring bearer wear a tuxedo, and if so, what does he wear?

Ringbearers almost always wear tuxedos. Usually, the ringbearer dresses similar to the groom, since the flower girl usually wears a white dress like the bride. We can fit ringbearers as young as age two.

What if alterations are needed?

While picking up your tuxedo, if any last minute alterations are needed, we can do them before you leave. You never have to come back for your tuxedo. Any last minute changes are done on the spot.

Do fathers wear tuxedos?

On average, the father will wear a tuxedo in every four of five weddings.

When do we pick up our tuxedos?

Normally, your tuxedos may be picked up on the Thursday or Friday before the wedding. If your wedding is out of town, you may pick up your tuxedos earlier, upon arranging that with us.

How long before the wedding should we order our tuxedos?

You are never too early! Most often, engaged couples register their weddings three to twelve months before the wedding. Since we carry all of our tuxedos "in stock", it is possible for us to prepare an entire wedding party's tuxedos even the day of the wedding, if necessary. However, it is strongly suggested that you plan ahead, and come in and register as early as possible.

Is there a deposit for a tuxedo rental?

There is a $30 down payment at the time of the fitting (which is taken off the rental).